Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m ashamed to admit that until now I have not heard of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Apparently it is October! I’m supporting the Cancer Research Charity already, but if I can raise awareness with this pink unicorn, even better!


This cutie is from Hanna Karlzon’s Dagdrommar, done with Prismacolor Premier pencils and gold gel pen.


Another mermaid

I love this little book (Magical Minis – Selina Fenech), the pictures don’t take ages to colour in and they are beautiful. Sticking to the mermaid theme, I picked another one of these ladies. I had to resist the temptation to colour her hair red and the tail green. I used to love Arielle, the little mermaid when I was little, and most of the times that’s the colour scheme I associate with these creatures.

I don’t have a lot of experience colouring people in general, and this girl gave me some trouble with her lovely long hair. This was the first time I’ve ever tried colouring black hair and I nearly gave up half way.

It just wouldn’t look good. Eventually I decided to go over with it with some blue (Ultramarine), and suddenly it all just came together. I was relieved! For her tail (tail?) I chose pink because secretly love all things pink. Shhh! Nobody can know!


First attempt at a mermaid

I recently bought a mini colouring book from Selina Fenech, called Magical Minis. I’ve been admiring her colouring books for a long time, but couldn’t decide which one to get. This small version has a few pictures from multiple books, so it includes mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and other cute things.

I don’t have much experience colouring people, so I was really happy when I found this book. It’s A/5 size, and the images can be finished within a couple of hours.

I picked this mermaid on the beach as my first attempt, because I also wanted to practice colouring water. I’m not entirely convinced that this is how it should look like, but all in all it’s still fine.

I actually planned to colour a pink mermaid, but by the time I finished her hair, I realised that she’s a proper red head, and none of the pink tones I wanted would have looked nice with it, so I went for peacock blue, light aqua, and chartreuse instead. I just love how shiny it looks!


Magical Minis on Amazon (UK):

Free Colouring Pages from Meg Cowley

For a limited time you can download a few sample pages from Meg Cowley’s beautiful colouring books.

All you have to do is subscribe here.


Image: Meg Cowley

I love the fairy and the little bird, can’t wait to colour them!

She also has some fiction books if you like to read. They are on a separate mailing list, so if you’d like your free book as well, make sure you subscribe to her “Fiction” list too!

The birdies from the Secret Garden

Finally! I finished the birds. It’s quite a small page, but took me ages because I insisted on adding tons of leaves as a frame. When I started, I was not sure what I wanted to do with the middle.

The inspiration came a few evenings ago when I walked the streets of Lisbon, where I’m currently enjoying a five-day holiday. I loved the pinks and blues, and tried to make my picture look like that. I didn’t add the orange bits because I wanted to have a more daytimey vibe…sunsetlisboa

I don’t have my Prismacolors with me, so it was a bit difficult with the Marco Raffince pencils, as some colours just wouldn’t blend properly. I’m not entirely happy with how this turned out, but once I’m home I might go over the sky with my Prismas… Hmmm…


Magical London

The London Panorama is the first picture in The Magical City by Lizzie Marie Cullen, and it’s also the first picture I had a go at in this amazing book. It’s a double page picture, so took me quite a while to complete it.

I pondered a lot about what colours I should use. I wanted it to look like a night time picture, but got overwhelmed by the darkness of it pretty soon. Then I thought, hey, it’s the magical city, if I want to add lighter colours, I could, because it’s magic.

As I live in London, I was familiar with most of the buildings featured in this picture, but I didn’t follow their colour scheme, because I found them a bit boring. Who says the London Eye can’t be pink, anyway? In my opinion that’s what it should be!

Still work in progress, going slowly, but at least it’s now looking like something…panoramalondon

Behind the Secret Door by Bonnita Moaby – Review and Flip Through

This book was released last year, but so far it somehow managed to elude me. Not anymore though, I just received my own copy a couple of days ago, and boy, do I love it!

I got it from BonnitaDoodles on Etsy, and wanted to show it off right away.

The book is A/4 sized with crisp, smooth white paper. You will find 30 pictures to colour, and they are all printed on one side, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling the next drawing if you love using markers. There’s also an extra paper sheet that you can use to put between the pages and protect your masterpieces.

There are no double spread images, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to colour in the middle of the picture properly. The book is wire bound, with a really hard back cover, so you can carry it around, or just chill on the sofa and prop it up on you knees if that’s what floats your boat. For me that’s definitely a handy option because I love colouring in bed while I’m still half asleep on Saturday mornings.

The theme is mostly nature: mice, foxes, flowers, cute little bugs and insects; but there’s a great variety on mandalas and fairy-like creatures as well. You can take a sneak peak at these in my flip through video.

Another really cool thing that I’ve never seen with any other book is that you can request a left or a right handed copy. Isn’t that just cool?

To get your own book, head over to BonnitaDoodles on Etsy. She has some other really cool stuff worth checking out.

A digital copy of this book also exists, if you fancy printing it yourself.

Awesome colouring pages to download

While browsing the subreddit for colourists, I came across Camilla’s blog. So far she posted two colouring pages to download. They are both incredibly cute, and are absolutely free!

I usually prefer to colour in a book, but the good thing is, you can print this on any kind of paper you want. Since I don’t have a printer at home, I’ll be sneaking around the office with this, hoping nobody sees me. For some reason colouring is not considered a valid hobby in these circles!

To get your own one, just head over to Cambergdraws!


Image by Camilla @cambergdraws